Competitive Dance

What to Expect

Joining our competitive dance team is like joining a family, and there are certain expectations that come along with this wonderful opportunity. ALL competitive dancers are expected to be in class regularly, arrive on time and prepared, practice at home, attend additional rehearsals as needed, and maintain a positive attitude while at the studio or studio events.

Attendance for competitive dancers is imperative. Unlike other team sports, there is no one to take a dancer’s spot, so the entire team depends on each and every dancer.

Fees and Other Expenses: Competitive dance is naturally more of a financial commitment, but we’re committed to keeping costs as low as possible. Aside from the dance class fees, dancers are responsible for their costume (budget roughly $150 per class), competition fees (budget $200 per class, which will cover two group competitions), and studio wear (dancers must wear a studio jacket or hoodie to competitions). Dancers must have their own shoes for class, and performance shoes will be determined later in the year (costs will be kept as low as possible if shoes need to be purchased).

Dance class fees (and all other expenses listed above) for solos, duets, and trios vary from the approximate amounts above. Please contact the studio at if you’re interested in any competitive opportunity that is not listed below.

Competitive Hip Hop

Recreational Hip Hop: This is the class as you’ve always known it to be – it runs from September-May, and dancers participate in the year-end dance show.

Competitive Hip Hop: This competitive class runs from September-May, and dancers participate in two competitions throughout the year (typically March/April), as well as the year-end dance show. Additional rehearsals may be needed from time to time.

Competitive classes are taught by Colleen Putzig, our Director of Dance!

Competitive Contemporary

Dancers taking this competitive class MUST also take either ballet or jazz, to ensure proper technique and healthy movement.

Competitive classes are taught by Colleen Putzig, our Director of Dance!