General Information

CLASSES: Omnes Arts Circle offers classes in Ballet, Pointe, Jazz, Modern, Contemporary, Tap, Hip Hop, Acro, Musical Theatre, and Creative Movement. Competitive opportunities are available in some genres, depending on interest and availability.

LOCATIONS: Classes are available during weekdays and (sometimes) weekends at our studio at 1 Sherbrooke St. E., Perth, ON. 

COST: Classes run for a minimum of 30 weeks from September through May. The cost for 45-minute classes is $475 +tax.

PERFORMANCE OPPORTUNITIES: Omnes Arts Circle holds one year-end dance show every year, near the end of May. Dancers will be encouraged to participate in other performance opportunities as they arise.

Class Information

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***Please note that some Senior level and Intermediate level classes require previous dance experience and are subject to teacher approval. If you have any questions, please send us an email at

  1. Creative Movement (ages 3-4)
  2. Junior A (ages 5-6)
  3. Junior B (ages 7-8)
  4. Intermediate A (ages 9-11)
  5. Intermediate B (ages 12-13)
  6. Senior A (ages 14+)
  7. Senior B (ages 14+)

Important to Note:

  • Our age cut off date is December 31st, 2023
  • There may be exceptions to the above ages, and this is a guide only (if instructors have any concerns about specific class registrations, we will reach out!).
  • Some levels are combined, and this option varies year to year depending on our student base. For example, a class named "Intermediate" would include both Intermediate A and B.
  • Letters are used for class levels. For example, a dancer would normally complete Intermediate A before continuing to Intermediate B.
  • Creative Movement 1 and 2 are the same level, simply at different times during the week.
  • Pointe dancers require the approval of the class teacher in order to register. Interested dancers with no previous Pointe experience may contact Perth Physiotherapy for a mandatory assessment, and may be approved to begin Pointe classes. Pointe dancers must also be registered for ballet.
  • Acro - returning/experienced Acro Dancers will be placed in the appropriate Acro class in our Acro Intensive Camp at the end of the summer, or during our Acro Placement Day (date TBD). If you cannot make either of these, please contact the studio to arrange for an assessment. To register, please select Acro - Returning Dancers, and we will place dancers in the appropriate class once we have assessed them.

We are currently offering the following classes:

***Please note that some Senior level and Intermediate level classes require previous dance experience and are subject to teacher approval.***

Creative Movement (ages 3-4)

Your child will thrive in this popular class! The creative atmosphere stimulates children's imaginations, and allows them to excel. Dancers will explore various dance forms, with a strong focus on Ballet, and will discover the styles of dance that suit their personalities. Please note that dancers in this class must be potty trained.
In this class we develop...
• social skills
• spatial orientation
• balance
• rhythm and musical appreciation
• gross motor skills
• basic intro to ballet
• exposure to dance class etiquette

Ballet (ages 5+)

Ballet is often recognized as the foundation of almost all styles of dance. Ballet offers fundamental technique training by focusing on elements such as turn out, balance, strength, and flexibility. This style offers a unique challenge by offering a class that builds focus and discipline.

All Intermediate B and Senior ballet students will have the unique opportunity to learn Progressing Ballet Technique. PBT is used in various genres, and has been used to promote the "use of muscle memory to improve students' understanding of core stability, weight placement and alignment for many decades."

In Ballet, students can expect to…
• regularly practice barre work exercises that teach them ballet technique, including feet, arm, and head positions
• learn a variety of jumps and turns
• work on improving strength, turn out, extensions, and posture
• develop a style of movement that requires grace, poise, energy, and musicality
*Those wishing to participate in Pointe classes must receive teacher approval and/or a referral from Perth Physiotherapy.

Contemporary (ages 9+)

Contemporary combines the movement vocabulary and skills of a variety of dance styles from Ballet to Hip Hop. Contemporary explores a variety of unique ways to use the body and develop musicality with a particular focus on emotion and storytelling.
In Contemporary, students can expect to…
• work on technique and elements of dance like turn out, balance, and strength building
• learn a variety of jumps and turns
• tell stories through the development of emotional dancing and performance skills
• learn combinations that explore different ways dance can be used to tell stories and portray emotion
• collaborate by learning fun and challenging group and partner work

Jazz (ages 5+)

Jazz is a great option for students looking to learn many of the skills found in Ballet class in a more upbeat energetic environment. In Jazz, students will build technical skills with an additional focus on style and performance.

This class allows students the opportunity to…
• work on flexibility, balance, and other technical elements
• learn a variety of jumps and turns
• explore different styles of Jazz including Musical Theatre Jazz, Jazz Funk, Contemporary Jazz, and more
*Check out our Turns and Jumps class below, which is a great technical class to combine with Jazz!

Modern (ages 9+)

Modern is a style of dance that incorporates various elements from Ballet and Jazz. Modern has a particular focus on the body’s ability to create shapes, the connection a dancer shares with other dancers in the room and the environment, and the use of breath to allow for fluidity and power of movement.
In Modern, students will learn how to…
• tell stories using different shapes and styles of movements
• effectively perform dynamic floor work
• utilize all parts of the body to create different pictures and use space when dancing
• learn a variety of jumps and turns

Hip Hop (ages 5+)

Hip Hop is a style of dance centered around performance and community. Hip Hop originates from the desire to make dance inclusive to all people and historically has been used to create a space where people can use their own individual skills to shine. Hip Hop manages to simultaneously be high energy, fun, and challenging.
Hip Hop students will…
• develop Hip Hop technique through a diverse range of exercises and warm ups
• learn challenging choreography
• learn a variety of footwork, floorwork, and isolations
• explore different styles of Hip Hop movement
• explore current dance trends and their origins

Musical Theatre (ages 5+)

Musical theatre combines the skills of technical dance with theatrical performance to create fun, energetic, entertaining routines.

In this class, students will learn…

• songs from famous classic musicals!
• how to utilize facial expressions and body language to enhance their performance quality
• how to confidently perform challenging choreography while simultaneously acting and lip-synching
• how to interact with props and stage sets to create a narrative

Tap (ages 5+)

Tap dance combines the art of movement with the art of sound using exercises and choreography that incorporate the metal taps of tap shoes. As we reintroduce tap to the studio by offering beginner tap, we will be focusing on...


• introducing and developing basic tap technique
• understanding basic music and sound technique such as the use of various time signatures
• learning classic universal tap exercises and choreography


Acro (ages 5+)

Acro dance combines classical dance technique with acrobatic elements such as gymnastics and contortion.

In this class, students will learn…

• strength building
• balance and weight distribution
• increasing flexibility
• developing acrobatic skills using progression training

Competitive Dance: Click HERE


  • Pointe class (must be approved by teacher and/or by assessment at Perth Physiotherapy, and must be registered in a ballet class)

Coming Soon...

We have even more class ideas stirring, so stay tuned! Please reach out if there is a class you would like to see that isn't on our schedule!