Dance Classes

Omnes Arts Circle offers classes in ballet, jazz, modern, contemporary, hip hop, musical theatre, and creative movement. Class levels are first divided by age groups, with exceptions approved by class teachers. Some classes may have dancers outside of the specified age groups, as these are guidelines only.

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***Please note that all Senior level and some Intermediate level classes require previous dance experience and are subject to teacher approval.

  1. Creative Movement (ages 3-4)
  2. Junior A (ages 5-6)
  3. Junior B (ages 7-9)
  4. Intermediate A (ages 9-11)
  5. Intermediate B (ages 11-13)
  6. Senior A (ages 13+)
  7. Senior B (ages 13+)

Important to Note:

  • Letters are used for class levels. For example, a dancer would normally complete Intermediate A before continuing to Intermediate B.
  • Creative Movement 1 and 2 are the same level, simply at different times during the week.
  • Pointe dancers require the approval of the class teacher in order to register. Interested dancers with no previous Pointe experience may contact Perth Physiotherapy for a mandatory assessment, and may be approved to begin Pointe classes.

We are currently offering the following classes:

***Please note that all Senior level and some Intermediate level classes require previous dance experience and are subject to teacher approval.***

Creative Movement (ages 3-4)

Your child will thrive in this popular class! The creative atmosphere stimulates children’s imaginations, and allows them to excel. Dancers will explore various dance forms, with a strong focus on Ballet, and will discover the styles of dance that suit their personalities.
In this class we develop…
• social skills
• spatial orientation
• balance
• rhythm and musical appreciation
• gross motor skills
• basic intro to ballet
• exposure to dance class etiquette

Ballet (ages 5+)

We encourage all students to learn ballet skills, as it is the base for all dance technique. Students will build strong, flexible muscles and improve their sense of self. Teaching involves the established knowledge of the Cecchetti and Vaganova syllabi.
All intermediate and senior ballet students will have the unique opportunity to learn Progressing Ballet Technique. PBT is used in various genres, and has been used to promote the “use of muscle memory to improve students’ understanding of core stability, weight placement and alignment for many decades.” Note – postponed for the remainder of 2020.
In this class we work towards…
• generating grace and poise
• sound body alignment and fluidity
• an appreciation for classical music
*Those wishing to participate in Pointe classes must receive teacher approval, and/or a referral from Perth Physiotherapy.

Jazz (ages 5+)

* Junior A, Junior B, and Intermediate A classes will be a combination of Jazz and Modern.


This class is upbeat and full of fun! Jazz has some similarities to ballet, however, dancers learn to move in a turn-out and parallel position. Dancers will notice improvement in their strength and flexibility.
This is a fast-paced class geared to improve…
• flexibility
• co-ordination
• strength and stamina
It’s lots of hard work and fun!

Modern (ages 5+)

* Junior A, Junior B, and Intermediate A classes will be a combination of Jazz and Modern.
This class has a strong ballet influence, exploring movement in its many diverse styles, and developing students’ interpretive skills. Learning the dynamics of dance performance is part of this curriculum.
This class applies the modern teachings of:
• Martha Graham
• Jose Limon
• Lester Horton
• Collaborative works of Irene Dowd and Peggy Baker

Hip Hop (ages 5+)

Always a popular class! This dance style comes to us from many forms of urban street dance. Upbeat music inspires students to learn all the latest moves.
Although ‘fun’ is key for this class, students will also…
• work hard and get fit
• learn complex choreography
• enjoy non-technical movement
• appreciate good contemporary music

Musical Theatre (ages 9+)

Musical theatre combines the skills of technical dance with theatrical performance to create fun, energetic, entertaining routines.

In this class, students will learn…

• songs from famous classic musicals!
• how to utilize facial expressions and body language to enhance their performance quality
• how to confidently perform challenging choreography while simultaneously acting and lip-synching
• how to interact with props and stage sets to create a narrative

Competitive Dance: Click HERE


  • Pointe class (must be approved by teacher and/or by assessment at Perth Physiotherapy)
  • MASHUPS! Junior Mashup explores a variety of dance forms

Coming Soon…

We have even more class ideas stirring, so stay tuned! Please reach out if there is a class you would like to see that isn’t on our schedule!